I-Octane Featured

An unmatched combination of innate talent, conscious lyrics, high-energy performances and pure charisma is the hallmark of reggae singer, I-Octane, whose music has made a resounding impact across the continents. Bestowed with the task of setting the pace for the next generation of troubadours, this smooth Rastafarian singer who has amassed an impressive slew of hits songs in a few short years, has skillfully positioned himself as an ambassador of culture/reality/message music, while maintaining a strong appeal in the dancehall, where his songs have become anthems. With his recognizably powerful voice and versatile lyrics, I-Octane, christened Byiome Muir, is equally convincing whether he is singing his breakout single, the no-nonsense “Stab Vampire”, the haunting, blockbuster tribute “Lose A Friend”, pulsating dancehall anthems “No Love Inna Them” and “Puff It” or the soulfully passionate “L-O-V-E You”.